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Any Last Words - I'd Rather Be Fighting Than Crying lyrics

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I fought so long AGAINST THAT ROLE but with no complaint YOU FITH THEIR MOLD you turned our music INTO A JOKE I turn my back I HOPE YOU FUCKING CHOKE I hope you f**ing choke! Came out swinging and got knocked down I was spitting blood and curses while you played the clown your EMOtions make me sick I'll wipe the puke off the floor your blood off my fist there's so much wrong in this world forget it and write another song about a girl, see that boy, tear drop in his eye the same one who's about to f**ing die I'd rather be fighting than crying you couldnt play with energy so you traded in integrity for packaged emotion and premade identity how does it feel to be told who to be? Honest anger wasnt cool enough for you now you've got fans and money but still not a clue anger with meaning and feelings that ring true last so much longer that trendy f**s like you...FIGHT

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