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Antone - SuperBowl lyrics

Alright. Hopefully, this sh** sounds better
Spring Break 2017, y'all, trying to get some recording out of the way
Shoutout to the H-Town fam. Shoutsout to IQ
Let's get it

I'm so persistent. Don't need no antiperspirant
They just sneak dissing. Address no f**ing elephant
Yeah boy keep b**hing. Man, it's getting hot in here
Please get out the kitchen. I'm the main topic here

Stop with the revision. sh** stain on my F. Loom
Yes I got the juice like OJ, and I did it too
Yes I'm in the news cause I'm beefing with the President
But at this point in time who ain't beefing with the President?

No sea anemone can be a friend of me
Cause all of my enemies keep thinking about befriending me
Do you got a friend in me? b**h no
This ain't Toy Story or a stupid kids show

This is real life, and it's time for you to know:
Life bites back like a b**h with a cone
I'm still itching to turn all you boys into stone
And put you on display like a wax statue of Stallone

I get it jumping like rabbits. Bad routine and habits
Mistakes lifestyle as lavish to be radish
Or to be honest, this like cabbage
Except without the green

Incredible Hulk without the mean
An Avenger without the team
A Styrofoam cup without the lean
My plate is clean. My slate needs cleaning
Wax on, wax off

New shiny feeling. Never does too much reading
All he thinks is appealing, for all he says is revealing
Tempted he not to end her squealing
She grips them both, breathing on the same pattern, and exhaling

She must be exhausted. SKRT off I go deeply
With no apologies. You're f**ing with the prodigy
Once this comes to mind, now, they're asking for a lot from me
Write an extra rhyme, must be a job for me

Imma have to firmly decline any offer you gave
Let's not cross the line. You're thinking too small
I'm thinking way before my time, way before the shine
No way. Before the grind

My gears shift [?] until Sunday
I'll turn the apocalypse into a fun day
Verbtastic verses exploding with color
You, who does not convey
The prophecy's been fulfilled today

Alright. Hopefully, this sh** sounds better

I drink the wine, but not the goose
I make decisions, hate to choose
I'm Sherlock Holmes, I give you clues
You be the boss, [?]

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Looking like I'm cruising right on 45 and 16 without the cruise

How'd you start it? How'd you switch up?
How'd you paint the bigger picture?
How'd you end up the mixture?
How'd you fix the broken pictures?
How'd you make up all the stations?
How'd you make up jurisdictions?

And I'm [?] riding down 45
City is big with the SuperBowl lights
Come take the chances [?] tonight
Everything is here for you to try

Hey. pc. All hail pc god. Anti-Social 2017. Coming through with the motherf**ing team. HDY. Hi-Def Youth. b**h. We're taking over this motherf**ing b**h. What's up ho? Hey

f** all you lames. f** you motherf**ing faggots. Shout out to AnTone for this track. Hey

Let's get it

I hopped out the Uber on a Friday night
My homie said he got a b**h who ain't afraid to bite
But I'm higher than a kite, so I dislike to socialize
Bloodshot in the eyes. Creeping thoughts of suicide. Man, I feel alive

I take another hit off the sh**s in the whip with the clique and we planning out a lick
Loading bullets in the clip just in case we gotta shoot and dip
All these b**hes asking for a bit off the money that I'm making

But I don't see no a**es shaking
I don't see not ratchet b**hes t**ng
It's 2017, and all I see is corruption
These hoes blowing up my phone when I'm at the function

And now I'm over here munching and grubbing
I'm in a b**h like McLovin'
I'm moving slow, yeah, I'm slugging off a Xan stop bugging me

I got the flow, and you can vibe with it so easily
I stay sleazy. Got your girl yelling pc. b**h. Hey

Goddamn. I went off on this b**h. RIP 2Pac Shakur

Hey. Word up H-Town. Screwston, let's get it

I'm swanging right, then I'm left. Boy, I'm always switching lanes
This a midnight cruise because the luster of fame
This a pacing in the air around me, I'm doing 50
Slow enough to droop but fast enough to swiftly take the exit and gun the light before it's red
Chopped and screwed on repeat, jamming back to what I said

Now I'm in the ward districts, looking at the changes
Construction projects, slowly meant for rearranging the flow of traffic so the people can avoid the hood
And the mayor wins another election, cause they're good

I'm pretending that the city ain't a veiled half measure
All I see are oil corporations taking pleasure
Knowing that they got the state economy by the throat
The government is fine, it's the rest of us that choke

But it's good I'm just sipping, I just got my double cup
We all drowning the purple when we can't swim up

I'm just wilding like I won the SuperBowl
I'm just wilding like I won the SuperBowl
And I'm just wilding like I won the SuperBowl
See, I'm just wilding like I won the SuperBowl

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