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Antone - Flexicution (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: AnTone]
OMG. They want to change my tone? Oh, oh, oh woe is me
f** anybody trying to think the same. They don't want me to speak openly
Just two weeks into school got me feeling like I'm an April Fool
Lost my job, lost my books, now I got to put up with this middle school sh**
sh** with a f**ing toupee on your head. Damn. What a f**ing sh**head
Keeping sh** on lock. Don't even want to talk about the stupid sh** that you f**ing said
I need to change? What ever happened to being you? (Be You)
Don't forget to be you and to stay true to anything you set your mind to
I don't f**ing judge. I'm trying to be a lawyer
I'm trying to go to the top top and they want to stop stop me cause I annoy her
If she got a problem, she could talk to me
I wouldn't persecute her like Socrates
I'm thinking everything was going really good
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And now I'm feeling like I'm my undercheese
What the actual f**?
At a time where I f**ed up my luck
I heard your sick of my rap talk, and I guess you couldn't toughen up enough
Tell me all that sh** directly
We could've settled it all gently
Now I'm saying f** you like a million times
Damn. I'm feeling so healthy
And I'm not even that wealthy though
But I'll rap until I hit twenty four
That's when I aim to blow up, and even then, I have like twenty more
I'll recover from the back stab. Just get my sh** in a trash bag
It's like you cheat, but you hit me later
With all these friends, who the hell needs haters?

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