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Antman - RN lyrics

[Hook: Huseby]
Right now, Imma need that sh** right now (Right now, right)
Faded off Patron, getting in my zone right now (Right now, right)
Right now, Imma need that sh** right now (Right now, right)
Right now, Imma need that sh** right now (Right now, right)

[Verse 1: Huseby]
I'm walking in, on top feeling like a f**ing boss again
Ass fat so the money Imma toss again
Get your whole squad ready for a loss again, Like
It's Huseby, counting money up one, two, three
And I don't give a motherf** if you knew me
sh** done changed, now I'm ballin' like 2-3
Every time I come up in this b**h I gotta stunt
Give you what you want and imma hit it from the front
We go insane up in this b**h
Im like Hussein up in this b**h
She sniff c**aine off of this dick
Motherf**er I'm the sh**
Every time I walk up in this b**h I'm looking sick
All you do is talk and I ain't tryna' hear that sh**, (oh?)
Tell me what you came to do
Got you doing everything like I paid for you
Getting paid like the boys in the majors do
Tell your girl "Come and give the kid a favor boo," (ahhh)
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And you like that, baby watch your a** cause I bite back, (hah)
I don't wife that, I ain't never been the type of guy like that, Yeah

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]

I look like I made it with only the greatest, bad b**hes in company
You know that you hate it, I'm here with your dame and she's already f**in' me
My team gon' be on the map, my b**h always gotta be looking bad
Bout to menage like I beez in the trap
Pulled out the garage like I'm whipping the jag
Whippin them bags boy I'm whippin the bricks
All of you haters can get off my dick
Only bout paper I'm getting that sh**
Little belated now we in this b**h
We in this b**h, and we going HAM
All of these b**hes they know who I am
Imma say f** it and blow a few grand
You know I'm the man but ya don't understand
Out with Chucky C in that fountain blue, I got pounds to move
Say f** what you think I'm amounting too
Get her p**y wetter than a f**in' fountain dude
Let me hit that, come and put your mouth where this dick at
I got old flows and I spit that, and my old hoes want this sh** back

[Hook x2]

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