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Antman - Numbers lyrics

You watch the news you hope it's you (2x)
We powerballin' powerballin' (2x)

Verse 1
I ain't playin
Streets get fever, the nation prayin'
Errybody want the numbers
Dreams get dropped, but the struggle fund us
I ain't on none of that wave ridin'
Get a ticket on deck, you can FaceTime it
My baseline is, i dont want too much
Come up quick, i wouldn't flaunt too much
I just want private jets for my entourages
Culdesac wit' 9 car garages
Model chicks, 5 star ma**ages
Weekend bar menages
Imma reach that through the rhymin' takes a little time
For the sh** y'all call mirages
Really ain't much but a starving artist
Believe in myself f** random drawings
But i know lames that drop a whole check on it
Cop errything wit a check on it
Ya girl keep hittin the mall to get fly like gimme a sec
I gotta check on it, yeah
Tryna f** up the status quo wit how fast it goes
Beach house out in the Galapagos
Flyin' first cla** all the normal black rapper goals
Don't take balls to play for power
Y'all pipe dreamin' and wastin hours
Place ya bets, ya tryna get mine, break ya neck
But keep chasin the fake respect
Cause we workin dog
Lately i'm curvin' broads whats a jackpot worth to y'all
Got about a billion ways you off track
We poppin, fall back can't drop til the curtain call
That's power ball


Wayyy too much power
I been workin 10,000 hours
I been workin 10,000 hours
2 bad chicks in a diamond shower

Hey, wayyy too much power
I been workin 10,000 hours
I been workin 10,000 hours
2 bad chicks in a diamond shower
Lehh get it
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Y'all already know the way we rollin' it's gon' happen
We ain't got no holidays, I just wanna make it rappin'
Nobody see the vision, we gon' open up they eyes
Been goin' for some years ain't no surprise yeah…
We power ballin'

Verse 2

Yeah, y'all wanna hit mega millions
In the zone, that make it less appealing
Tryna eat fries on a model back
I ain't got no time for respectin' feelings
No lotto balls
Dictate my pace I'm saucin' y'all
Take dedication and lots of calls
Mistakes, hella mixtapes
Even had to get my pops involved
Groupies in my inbox
They tryna put me in-box
Y'all smell potential
Tryna get to know my mental
Wouldn't even let me hold a pencil
Couple years ago
Man I ain't forgot
Ain't too smart to underrate my stock
When I hit it big I'm ‘bout to get around
No Eazy, I'd rather be laid w/ Pac
A buncha bullet holes in my mental
Stacks of cash, unclaimed in my
Stash house, got laughed out the frame wit' my
Discount clothes, donate ones, I never count those
Hit the numbers, I'm the type keep my mouth closed
‘til I'm plankin' on a honey without clothes
No tickets inscribin' my vision
My life is my gift and
Ya wife in my mentions
Huh, let the games begin
Catch me drinkin' on a plane wit' twins
Ran my mouth for 25 years
But I got ideas
That's too big for reinin' in
I 'm in a lane of sin, blessed with success
I'm locked, I f** less
I got too much stress
Paid a moun-tain of dues, Russ West
Hours all in, we power ballin' lil b**h


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