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Antman - Lost Fugee lyrics

Accent enticing cougar women trying to make a man of

Women my age wish for my presence (presents)
Didn't know I was Santa
Roster of queens who love the music made by this commander

So these b**hes go hard for the dream like they hoop for Atlanta

No offense but they probably tougher than most n***as

Act big, talk bigger, see target turn ghost n***as

Have a lot to say but never back up what they spoke n***as

Freeze when time to move, no NYPD, but they choke n***as
Those n***as

Trying to shine like son (sun)

How you doing this and where'd you get your management from

I worked at studio, you partied, thats my answer to them

If I'm in the club like a pimps employee I got paid to come (cum)

Don't got no faith in them, Im erasing them, Im replacing them

You saving them, quit embracing them, thats how complacent come

The fakest ones, face to face with them, I see somethings up

But Google p**nhub if you trying to see somebody give a f**

Displaying them, then replaying them, why y'all playing them

Im slaying them, what y'all say to them, like y'all appraising them

They should run, did I say too much?

I ain't say enough

If these were the artists that the world believe next up
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Then they're more confused than the ladies I f**ed with lately

One lied about having baby

Nah f** it, that b**h was crazy

Obsessed oddly, floating around for a ring like Ali

I wasn't wifing, she was lonely, sure she would have f**ed with

Nah she claim she hates me
But I don't pay it attention

Cause how you hate me, when you live inside of my mentions?

Can I please have my dick back?

Wake up in the morning check my page fore she gets out of bed

Forgets to pray at night cause she's too concerned what my Twitter said

Tried to reach out to my new girl I posted on Wednesday

No, no, no, had to block that b**h like Dikembe

Hmm, God damn, people don't understand

Wish I could tell you why but just know I'm a million dollar man

Contracts on the table for the brail I put in playlist

But Im not deaf to bull so Im not speaking sign language

Search every country, H20 bars, no flow is better

My sh** is water, Im the human omniprocessor

And I made it free, thats inspired by Lincoln

Before I blow like wind in Chicago, Drink up
Word to Mick Jenkins

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