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Antman - I GOT TIRED OF WAITING lyrics

[Verse:Npk Twice]
Dear lord we ain't talked in a while But thanks for everything that you done for a nikker Thanks for my family lord they a Blessing Thanks for the talent,its also a Blessing But I ain't blow yet Is that a Plan God? gotta be patient mOre,and pray more god? It will work more,I'm still a fan God I'm on my knees every day Thanking you lord for Each Day This song gon surprise you Or inspire you Or even both,Aspire you Lord knows I ain't perfect 'I still try God' But shii still happen 'like why God' Is this this your plan God? Its Okay God I still love you God I hit a Red Rod I miss my fam God... The woman that I love don't love me back! Is this also your plan? Well it s**s Sorry for my tone God I gotta Ask God I feel so alone God How's my Aunt God? I know she's with you God... Up there in heaven And hope she's also listening

[Chorus:Npk Twice]
IM down Knees Begging you Please Please show me the way I'm tired of waiting I got tired of waiting
[Hook: Npk Twice]
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Dear Lord I'm tired of waiting Tired of waiting I got x 2
I got tired Of waiting I'm just tired

Dear God hi its me again I'm reading the bible again This song ain't for Radio Just wanna let you know I'm not letting Go Ima Push this sh*t harder I read Genesis tough me what a Journey is Then I read John and repented from every Sin... If not then why bother? That's what I said before I left her Now bree is dead,I still Miss her Lord all these Rappers sound the same to me... They record series I record Movies Yea True stories Back to you God I ain't smile in a while God Found things ain't what it seems Lord Accept you God,I praise you Lord

[Chorus + Hook:]

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