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Antman - Burn lyrics

[Verse 1: Jean Michaels]

Starting to feel the pressure
Splitting up separate ways
From I can lean on mama
To writing out my page
Looking at those before me
People I have to follow
Nerve wrecking thinking that my time is bout to be tomorrow
Am I even prepared?
Did my talent get there?
Or is it all just the rumors being spread in the air?
Ant says f** an opinion
Its about what you feel
If thats the case then sometimes its like none of this is real
Relations filled with business
Motivated by digits
Type situations make it hard to see who really with it
Women impressed by spitting
Attracted because Im gifted
Makes envious so called homies
Behind me they acting different
Sneak dissing, but I don't confront
I do not expose
Just use em until their resources don't bring value no more
Real or really smart, might as well profit since you turned
Thats a lesson well learned
On the track but this is usually the

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[Hook: Jean Michaels]
sh** I think about while sitting back watching the incense Burn
sh** I think about while sitting back watching the incense Burn
sh** I think about while sitting back watching the incense Burn, Burn, Burn

[Verse 2: Jean Michaels]
I took sometime from Morehouse
I left for one semester
I braved the risk of not fully having my life together
I failed at many efforts
Plenty doubtful endeavors
Just to find out that school was not the place to make me better
Cause there it all was social
Who got the juice who know you?
Failing to realize that regardless they all still local
f** being campus hero, you ever spent a Euro?
Im trying to see the Eiffel tower in front of my pupils
Gave up meals from the cafe
To potentially starving
Thought of drug dealing, grabbing Nelos BB gun and robbing
Risk doing time in the jail my father was before coffined
No younger siblings watching
Can't let that be an option
Looking to God for patience
Prayers no more complaining
Bout to give these haters more LS than Spanish conversations
Can't get worse watch how I make these tables turn
Make this paper well earned, on the track but this is usually the


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