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Antimatter is the new project of longtime Anathema ba**ist Duncan Patterson, who quit the doom/d**h pioneers in the midst of their transition toward post-Floyd ambient rock territory. Paired up with guitarist Michael Moss, he also chose to explore uncharted waters in the form of ethereal ambient alternative rock laced with electronics. To a**ist them in this task, the duo drafted two "guest" vocalists in Michelle Richfield and Hayley Windsor to appear on their full-length 2002 debut, Saviour, which also featured a cameo from Patterson's former Anathema a**ociate Danny Cavanagh. A second album, entitled Lights Out, followed a year later, and a third, Planetary Confinement, in 2005 (all three were released by The End Records), after which Patterson was said to have exited the group, leaving its future in doubt. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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