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The five women of Antigone Rising (Ca**idy on lead vocals, sisters Cathy and Kristen Henderson on guitars, Dena Tauriello on drums, and Jen Zielenbach on ba**) blend the '70s sound of Led Zeppelin and the Eagles with their love of pop so well it's kept them on the road to the tune of 200 or so shows per year, all without a record label. Gra**roots promotion and live show after live show earned the band a loyal following and over 20,000 of their independently released CDs sold. Things changed in 2003 when Lava Records president Jason Flom caught one of the band's gigs and quickly signed them. The live EP Traveling Circus was to be the last independent release for the band and by 2004 they were working on their debut for the Lava imprint Hear Music. The album, From the Ground Up, was launched via a Starbucks-sponsored campaign in May of 2005. ~ David Jeffries, All Music Guide

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