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Antiform - Crash lyrics

I'm driving at full speed
Blind I didn't see
The day came live would test me
Crash, shock of the impact
It's time to face the facts
Still keep myself intact

You know it seems like it's been forever
That we drove that stormy weather
Full speed at reckless abandon
Couldn't foresee this would happen
Living life up in the fast lane
No ones left for me to still blame
Past the point of no returning
Laughing at their blatant warnings

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So I feel that I should say
We need to get away
From all the constant pain
We're causing every day
Just need to find a way to keep from falling under
Rolling in just like the thunder

Can I feel?

And now it seems that we've hit the crossroads
Call out for help but no one knows
All this sh** that I've been given
Test how far I can be driven
Seems we've met the end of the line
Broken gla** tear at my insides
Wall ahead, this crash impending
Not how I wanted to end it

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