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Annie - Annie lyrics

Annie, just to see you with another man
That would surely break my heart
To hear about you making other plans
That would tear me all apart.

I know the night has many changes
Love can melt away like snow
And so I beg you for forgiveness for my sake
I have to know.

'Cause Annie you were always such a friend to me
Controller of my heart you own my soul
But now the time has come you must remember what you've done
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And let me know.

I hear the rumours when I go to town
You've been out and having fun
But I just ignore the truth, believing in that lie
That I'm still your only one.

I'm like a spider climbing up the wall
Falling back when he's almost there
I feel like a lion in the jungle late at night
Without my pride I'm just nowhere.

Oh, Annie.

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