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Anne Heaton - Megan & Kevin lyrics

I'm not sure exactly how it happened/ But as I the first time I Kevin/ He was exiting Homer's Ice Cream as Meg and I driving by/ And said "that's him! Kevin!"/ And I "wow, he's cute! should we go get him?"/ And she said "no way- seriously, he has no idea who I am" And I said "really Meg, is that why he's looking your way?" as I honked the horn and whistled away/ She was kind of at me, but she was smiling when she said:

I'm not sure if he likes me...

Now I'm not sure what Kevin thought or said 'cause I with Megan instead/ But I could just imagine, I imagine what he was thinking/ "Gosh, those girls they drove by, the one I like she looked me in the But then they both busted up laughing in my face sped up and drove away, oh, I wonder:"

I'm not sure if she likes me...

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as Meg and I roared down the road we decided definitely needed a plan 'cause when you live in Wilmette, Illinois and the only thing to do is hang out at the 7- 11 parking lot, you always need a plan/ "Should we call him?"/ "No"/ "Should we introduce ourselves?"/ "No"/ "Should we go to where he might be hanging out?"/ "Mmm... No"/ "Should we stalk him?" "Definitely!"/ I said that's what I would do/ But what Megan had said, it was not true that Kevin didn't know who she was/ For when we pulled up to her house, he was there/ And I said:

Meg I think he might like you...

Now it's true that Kevin never actually got out of his car that night/ And that as Megan and I pulled up to his car, he immediately drove away/ But it wasn't long after that night that I stopped seeing my best friend on a regular basis because she was with her new boyfriend I soon got used to it/ And later I came to be amazed by them/ That by listening and by watching the road they could know who they loved at age sixteen/ So I don't have too much to say on this most beautiful wedding day/ Much of what I learned I learned from them

But one last thing for you Megan: I'm quite sure that he likes you
I'm real sure that he likes you/ I'm very sure that he likes you

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