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Angie Stone - Take Everything In lyrics

Lord knows I gotta be
True to myself to see
God's been too good to me
To take things I believe

We all know that we got better days
Even when our world is grey
Trouble dont last always
Thats why im leaning on my friends

Sometimes we gotta stop
And take everything in
Make room for my new dreams
Look back on the old scenes

Its time for me to step up
You gave me a reason
To walk into my season
I've only just begun

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So busy worryin bout the little things
When someone else is doing worse than me
Somebody out there got a child in need
I never sold you down for you and me

And the air we breathe
Maybe aint even healthy
Cause in the forest there aint no trees
Dont tell me that dont make you stop and thing


Im so grateful (said im grateful)
Im where I wanna be (right where I wanna be)
Every Blessing...
Every Blessing means more than life to me

[Chorus x3]

Cant let it get me
Im just to rested to be stressed
Like some people be...

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