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Ang P - Two Hearts Collide lyrics

[Verse 1: Ang P]
Mom just copped me the new J's and I'm feeling like the cleanest/ I seen a chick that's fine swag, cla** and demeanor/ I think her name is Venus or maybe it's Serena/ Treat her to the finer things if I ever get to meet her/ We go to the same church, I think her mom name Tina/ She live around the corner by the Chinese cleaners/ Sunshine in the sky and her eyes be gleamin'/ All these guys be schemin', but lies repeatin' so.../ My name is Ang and we the same age/ Just to make sure that we on the same page/ Went to Number 7 school back up in the fifth grade/ And I never met ya, walked past ya many times/ But this time I ain't gonna let ya and I ain't gonna lecture/ But I think a little date would be somethin' special/ Maybe I could get your name and we could ease the pressure/ We could paint the easel better
Maybe we could be next up/

When two hearts collide and you ain't even gotta try/ This love it comes easy you more than caught my eye/ So girl I'm tryna see what's up/ Babygirl I'm tryna see what's up/ (2X)

[Verse 2: Ang P]
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Now I started rappin' wit her brother, Madden in the summer/ But still we keep it low what goes and happens under covers/ If you ask me right now I'm just a happy little nukka/ Then a week late damn I should've wrapped it in a rubber/ Oh man, maybe this a blessing in disguise or it's an omen/ A lesson learned when lookin' back at this when I'm an old man/ Tryna look at positives but still it got me, Oh damn, damn/ I'm ‘bout to be a dad/ And I know that this isn't something that I should see as bad/ But let me tell you little something about this dream I had/ I seen a man and that man was me/ ‘Cept he was lookin' like the father that I planned to be/ Sometimes God makes plans that the man don't see/ So I'm tryna be the man that God planned me to be/ Not like I got a choice anyway so I'ma sip this Henny mane/ Think about the future with my children on this rainy day/

When two hearts collide the love eventually dies/ There's no more you and I we gotta let go of pride/ Got no time for slippin' up/ We got kids we gotta lift ‘em up/ (2X)

[Verse 3: Ang P]
sh** switched up, split up get up to pick the kids up/ I wish that things were just a little bit different/ But the way we seein' life is a little bit different/ Now we argue who gon' get the kids for Christmas/ So we went our separate ways visitations on separate days/ Limitations on vacations, some holidays/ Their
Mother got their brains goin' all kind of ways/ Yeah she out there, out there tryna find her place/ Tryna find a way like everyone else/ Lost soul screaming but no one helps/ And the screams are silent she gotta do for self/ She know what people want, s** sells/

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