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Ang P - Sex Sells Part Deux lyrics

[Verse 1: Ang P]
Yeah, she was a chick that walked the strip like a natural/ Only rollin' wit' n***as wit' cash to blow/ Likehell nah she ain't givin' that a** for low/ “Cuz hell nah God ain't give her that a** for show/ She a mother of three gotta survive don't she/ How many people live off lunch meat in this damn country?/ No rule books to the game of life/ And it's a cruel look but everything is right/ When you gotta live you gotta make ends meet/ When you're single and bringing up fatherless kids/ And so it's sh** or get off of the pot/ If you ain't ‘bout your biz then get off of the block/ Anyway, she in the position everyday then she can get that fast cash at a steady rate/ She got the public hooked on the product she be providing/ Wanted a shot at bein' an actress but she never got it/

She said take away my pain make me make me feel good/ Yeah I heard that s** sells and I hope they buy the goods/ Either way we gotta go and get it every day/ Either way we gotta get it each and every way/ (2X)

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[Verse 2: Ang P]
Yeah now I ain't one to judge much but anything that love touch/ Love lust spendin' dough they ain't gotta be buzzed much/ So f** clubs why them hoes fightin' to get them crumbs up/ Family ain't eatin' off of no lunch truck/ Now she like you could play all the sports that you want son/ And her daughters get what they want when they want it too/ It ain't what she wanna do, but it's what she gotta do/ ‘Cuz God made doctors and God made prostitutes/ Bill to pay by Monday gotta pay that sh** some way/ Gotta car note then rent mane, we ain't talking ‘bout chump change/ The same game we all live it's just a little different/ All on the grind tryna hustle up some gifts for Christmas/ She on a solo mission feelin' like her soul is missin'/ When it comes to getting' this dough this chick is in pole position/ They say life is what you make it ain't it/ Some go the straight and narrow and some roads are tainted


[Verse 3: Ang P]
I was on the block sippin' a 40 seen this man in his 40's/ Rollin' a car 74 piece stylin' for the shorties/ That's when I seen that chick that's from my story/ And I could keep going, but sh** could get gory/ And you could play connect the dots and we could skip the mournin'/ ‘Cuz sh** got crazy that brisk fall morning/ Now them kids are left with nothing, father is good for nothing/ Life wit' a little promise they'll probably be good at somethin'/ Get out the hood or somethin' but they just another stat now/ Parents don't know how to act then they don't know how to act now/ Sad story to think about, but what you gonna do?/ It's the world we living in we all go through/

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