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AndyReyy Beatz - Non Stop lyrics

[Intro: Nili Reyy] - repeat
Real n***as gone feel me! Ay
Real Woman gone feel me! Ay

[Course: Nili Reyy]
I'm Non Stop as I'm Rocking // Yea!
I'm Non Stop as I'm Rocking // Woah!
I'm Non Stop as I'm Rocking // Let's Get It!
Let Yo' Body loose and loose control // Ayy!

[Verse #1: Nili Reyy]
I am Non Stop as I'm rocking Goosed Up and I've lost it! //
Just turned 21 young and dumb so full of cum and I'm talking loads //
On the beat bout to explode! Nili Reyy gone set that mode //
This beat has got me over hyped feeling over priced and I'm talking gold //
I bring that life that party zone that ménage à trois with that bacardi yo! //
I stay Too Fresh in the game cause half you lames a'int bout no goals //
Woah! Let's take a toast Turn up so loud from coast to coast //
Club Life is the life we know so raise your gla** and chant this song //

[Verse #2: Rellville]
Okay, Okay, Okay! I'm Non Stop and I'm working //
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Got Yo b**h on my dick and she t**n' //
n***as want to talk sh** n***as wanna act tough //
Till we pull them gats out now you n***as murkin' //
Uh its like that and I'm going hard only n***a going hard in my boulevard //
n***as talk that, while I walk that, stretch yo' n***as out like a f**ing leotard //
Too Fresh while I'm working Non Stop //
Nili Reyy in this b**h and we won't stop //
Rellville on the beat can't forget that //
I need a break where the f** is my KitKat //
I'm going hard nah I'm kidding I don't need one //
A Lil hungry for the money and I need some //
To turnt up non stop working Rellville, Nili Reyy, Too Fresh Get Some! //

[Verse #3: Young Lew]
I am Non Stop as I'm rocking bad b**hes I'm knocking //
Ye' ain't' f**ing with me I'm popping and I ain't talking pills but I got em //
Got yo' b**h popping that P then rolling weed from out of my pocket Uh! //
They young n***a' talking that sh** but I swear that I solves it Uh! //
I got the juice and know you f**ing with me boy that's the move //
Like now how Bremerton n***a makin' noise out the city they Non Stop Rocking Lew! //
Never stop or knock a young n***a grind //
I want all my people from my circle to shine //
I'm one of a kind, the one in his prime //
f**ing with me now you know that you lying // LEW!

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