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Andy McCoy - Let It Rock lyrics

Check her before you go
her door is open it's never closed
she's always there
crying for company some company
give her some of your extacy
and she'll supply you
with her privacy
like some kinda A-bomb
blowing up your wildest dreams
Let it Rock don't dare to stop
Let it Rock all night thru
She strips behind
the velvet screen
while I lay here
in my opiale dreams
deadly nightshade please
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cut me clean
Garden of Eden in Emerald green
I pick the fruit
from the forbidden tree
Her pa**ionate juices
intoxicate me
I'm an addict for her scene
She always on top
as I ride beneath
She says leave the door open
when you leave
She waits for someone
else special anxiously
She lights a cigarette
looks me in the eye
She says thank you
She says Goodnight so

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