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Andrew's Room - Another Mile lyrics

How does it feel to be alone??
How does it feel when you're on your own??
And when you say goodbye,
Does it hurt does it make you cry?
I'll never forget, I never regret
Telling you my secrets
But the little things that I want you to know
Before I can show it is time to go I wanna say.. *I'll stay for a while
Walk beside you another mile
But I guess I should say
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I'm on my way
I'll see you again someday Before I go, will you hold me??
When I'm gone, will you call me??
If I ask, will you hear me??
When I'm down, will you cheer me??
It may be years, there may be tears
It's gonna be hard without you near
Things may never be the same again
So please remind me you'll still remain
I wanna say..

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