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Andrew Tuller - Tokens (ties) lyrics

I have to admit, you're not bad for a nigga!
You must be one of the good ones

[Verse 1: Andrew]
Goddamn -- white man, hands off the doo
Nothing against you but I'm not a petting zoo
I'm a human too -- but I'm thinking that you don't care
When you're tryna touch my hair or when I catch you when you're staring like
I'm not as much a person as I am just a novelty
A commodity that piqued your curiosity
Articulate specimen make it easy to comprehend
This here eloquent brethren who resenting your sentiments
Exotic object off of which you try to profit
Cutting my losses faith in you I had I lost it
Token black acquaintance with well spoken cadence
Veiled frustration under skin deep relations
They like the look, the clothes and words like “nigga”
But when it's time for solidarity they're gone, go figure
Fascination ignorance, sympathy for Sisyphus
Claiming colorblind is chivalrous for simpletons

I'm not the one who called you a Mexican!
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Called me a Mexican? You're doing it again

[Verse 2: Adrian]
This is not soliloquy, this is diligent dignity
I know you sense the danger, never spoke to strangers
Until you could tell you couldn't help yourself, and well
You know resentment; proper prognosis of a tenant;
Making measurement of the yard, ready be appraised
So place faith; and God, the abduction of my. will:
Yes, you fit the bill of several assumptions; ain't that what you want?
A lawn mower, a sombrero and guitar; a taco, a green card?
I know it, you ain't gotta hide it, you a beaner
With demeanor of clichés, called being illegal
As your homie I can reference your heritage
In a manner similar to horoscopes and aliens
Where every outcome superstitious
Truth be told, recorded truth upon this booth
With several sentences a testament to my ignorance
Tokens, the brown and black experience

He's a very good athlete and so well spoken--that family's going places. I mean we're rich, they're nigga rich!
Look, I'm trying to pay you a compliment! You understand--I didn't mean anything by it, it's just--
I'm bending over backwards to not be racist right now...

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