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Andrew Tuller - L.D. lyrics

[Verse 1: Adrian]
Trust deja vu; in pro-choice, truly, just two doughboys in a hoopty
Two black hoodies, the bearers of bad news; presidents is dead, eulogy in all their tunes
Saran wraps expand with grand slaps against grain, of 100 proof fame
A Mexican't, browner than 'Chente with melanin, lessening downers with aguardiente to the melon
And keeps tracks that bring grief back, fat chance, hat dance til ceramics crack
Breathe brief when j**els drop, elementary MCs leave when school's taught
Talk of paper held, a staple among the game, won part-time chips in a weirdo fade, gone stabbin it
His paradigm shift of frito lay's, non fattening; did with devilish grin and saucy attire
A second wind and a flew of ghostwriters, BLBP relieve slumbers
Valley peakin em, the f**ing beats butter; the cordial cannibal stomachs rappers
And topples capital till sudden Casper; ruckus been to spark wicks if his hobby pay
Facts with hard hits till concrete gave; arose off No Doz, with aching pedals
A taking to flex metal, set to distress kettles; tied that funky noose up for some double dutch
Wind up on the f**ing news dubbed “to trouble lunch”


[Verse 2: Andrew]
Gritty like a snuff film I
Run laps in your mental till you dizzy giving f**s will
Never be itinerary ordinary until
Oh hell rhymes precise like William Tell prime like fishcale
My lines entail wise saliva too fuego
I'd say it's best to lay low less you tryna cop a halo
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I stab the pad, my craft commands the syntax of sycophants
A cla** act who's lacking tact who riverdance on your hippocamp'
Droppin gems on em that stem from
Redrum, a godsend, depend on me like an iron lung
Silver tongue, eloquent sentiments heavenly rhetoric
Penning this sh** for the hell of it even the prose is poetic
If my rhymes were a paintbrush I could paint the landscape lush
Or write the type of sh** that'd make Caligula blush
Like a handsome devil, f** a charming man
Lemme get my hands on your mammary glands, I know I know you can't stand me
When I spit ignorant, flow illiterate
Know my belligerence is always deliberate
I'm the epitome of Public Enemy MCs test me get dead like chivalry
Dead like liberty, no sympathy for scenery cause I gotta cop that C.R.E.A.M
Plot that scheme, braggadocio manifesto my foes fold and clap slow
When I tote tomes prone to cop thrones and mad dough
Spit poems that strip b**h cliques to bones
Gnash mandibles with habits of Hannibal
n***as try and step but sh** ain't practical
B.L.B.P will bloom we won't stop till a f**ing swan song croon
Though d**h might loom I'll live on in the tunes Imma die lookin fly, with Legitimate Droogs

Hold up! Time out! Time out! Y'all take a chill! You need to cool that sh** out! And that's the double truth

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