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Andrew Tuller - Gorgeous Pt. 2 lyrics

[Verse 1: Andrew]
From Lupita to Rashida, morenitas too
Is who I aim to serenade with these lustful tunes
Scribbled off those heines from Money Folder
Eye of the beholder but the story grows colder
See the world is made of color schemes and promised things
40 acre dreams and some collard greens by any means
Black and brown drown facedown in the mainstream
Rather keep us all divided because that doesn't make C.R.E.A.M
Black and Brown is gorgeous, of course it is
Preaching to the chorus but there's more to this
It doesn't mean sh** unless you mean it
I guarantee you that in truth it ain't so scenic
Ten pink toes down to sink those brown
The gringos found another way to have us circle the crown
Kept in contention forever sweat complexion
And how we learned discretion from a Willie Lynch lesson

Tell me how much time's a wastin'
Tell me what we are, so close but so far
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Searching for words to say, baby play
Baby, exercise your right to everything

She's so color coordinated, (bish you thought)
She love the features that she came with, (bish you thought)
She knows beauty's what you make it, (bish you thought)
She say f** them feelings that you stay in, (bish you thought)

[Verse 2: Adrian]
Se con que partieron los españoles
Both a lady and mice seem likely, I guess
It maybe ice cream, and yours is slightly gorgeous
This pollo güero, take it from him
Below by 10 toes, bet knows something'
For, above all, elation with those alias' made
To love all creation and it various shades
Morenita, they're trying to clown as usual
You'll see that they lying if brown is beautiful
Yet what mama mention and a lesson gave
Said, Maria Velasco an exception of fate
When the topic is complexion: no seas Indio

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