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Andrew Tuller - A Huevo lyrics

[Verse 1: Andrew]
I let loose on the loose-leaf, give grief and repeat
Sowed seeds in cold crimson with ambition to reap the proceeds
I hold heat when I speak, grimy when I cop the beat
Lively on the mic while I recline between the ivories, is how I be
Spitting from carnivorous states
Puttin' lames in their place at an effortless pace
And we going for the throat like a venomous snake
Two headed Cobra sinking fangs into enemies veins
Droppin' all of this knowledge confusing it for Confucius
If I'm chasing these ambitions I ain't got time for no Judas'
Prudence is what you lackin now you just spitting pollutants
Nigga think before you speak and consider that an improvement
B.L.B.P is for the people, lethal audio
If you ain't fucking with us than it's adios, we're methodical
Painting pictures saying fuck the status quo
For the black and brown kids from the burbs to the barrio

20 Padres Nuestros dados a huevo
Pressure from momma's favorite instrumental
Your verses dope, diablito say you have potential
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He mention you by name, offers you a chain
What is it that you say?
A Huevo!

[Verse 2: Adrian]
The mariachi told her they're flippin' tired
Fats in fire, a novice where collars ironed
The bourgie broad streak, cold like stripping attire
Bears, lions and tigers, a profit in offer; satire
Back with a band a' blue ballads
And keeps tracks that withstand new talent
His name of a Mexican in inner city whereabouts
Blame melanin, liquor and titties all he care about
Take it from Trump's supporters:
Rapists wave wrists and jump borders
To heat your home till seeds is grown
To each his own, through streets with woes
Relief in poems, before beasts, esteem is shown
Receipts is known, ends meet alone
Such sweet earth tones in grief etched stone
Of meat and bone, B.L.B.P, toes below


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