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Andrew Slater - Lights Out lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You were a million miles behind
And I was crying every time I'd leave you

Then I didn't want to see you
I still keep my watch two hours behind

Someone turned the lights out there in Memphis
That's where my family's buried and gone

Last time I was there
I noticed a space left
Next to them there in Memphis
In the damn back lawn

[Verse 2:]
I didn't know that I was in the crowd
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And the fresh cut gra** stopped growing

Everything on my shelf has fallen
I still keep my watch two hours behind

[Repeat Chorus:]

Was that bridge I was crossing
Somewhere I stopped walking
I guess I fell off on my own

I heard all the roads they lead to Memphis
Except for the one I'm stumbling down
And I'll be damned if I ever get
This little son of a b**h from Memphis
Well, it's all there I guess
And I haven't forgot

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