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Andrew Schubert - Carpe Diem lyrics

[Verse 1]
Breaking in a sweat Like a bomb threat
Is your silhouette, Fading out?
Nothing left to lose, Detonate the fuse
Another breaking news blowout

Ain't it beautiful, so unusual
Life's a gas and it's running out
Living a cliche, gonna seize the day
Bottle rockets that celebrate
Celebrate, celebrate

Carpe Diem, a battle cry
Are we all too young to die?
Ask for reason
And no reply
Are we all too young to die?

Making a living
Making a k**ing
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What's worth forgiving?
All right

[Verse 2]
A blink of an eye, Barely scraping by
Dominated by Pa**er-by's
Feeling out of luck, when the traffic's stuck
And you're feeling, so left behind

Getting off a binge, Get a second wind
Another promise, then make a change
Got a broken wing, Hear the angels sing
When the signal is out of range
Ain't it strange, ain't it Strange


[Break-down x2]


[Chorus x2]

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