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Andre Matos - Rescue lyrics

What if you could unlock your dreams?
Could you perceive what they mean?
The nights are clear, the days so dark
But there's a way out there...

Whatever comes into your mind
May be the answers trapped inside
You feel a cold cut through your veins
But there's a way out there...

Alone you go into the darkness

You feel the fear of someone else
A broken picture from the past
The telling traces in your hands
But there's a way out there...

Alone you go into the darkness

- What you're searching for...
Struggling for you sanity
- Is knocking at your door...
Dream inside reality!
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The more you will find
The less you will get...
Lost tears never cried
Will drown you in the end
You've got nowhere to hide
You've got nothing to give
Who'll rescue now your will to live?

Along your life you never felt an inch of pain
Because you never realized you're still the same!
You asked me why but I'm afraid to let you know
It was your pride that made you fall so far below...

- What you're searching for... (... )

" The more I could find
The less I could get
Tears never cried
Drowned me in the end
I spread nothing but lies
I had no love to give
Who'll rescue my will to live? "

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