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Andre Matos - Shift the Night Away lyrics

Ran away, in a fragment of despair
From a vicious threat
Such a damage to repair
Finding the truth, where all have already searched
is the only way to fulfill a soul with lust

Lust for revenge in a world full of sins
Something we're building now
Never figured in dreams

Banal intentions mold a personality
Needless to mention
Madness and insanity

Lust for a chance in a world full of wins
What are we searching now
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That belongs to our dreams?

Shift the night away (Shift the night away)
Nothing else could let us fall
We're building up our hopes
We're trusting them again
And suddenly a sign will be found
Make a stand, start all over
In your inner core
Some day what has caused your suffering
Will reset you back for more (will reset you back)

Shift the night...

...And suddenly a light has been found!

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