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Andre DeBourg - Turn You On lyrics

Did I make you hot? Tell me

I didn't mean to turn you on (x8)

[Verse 1:]
I can see it in your eyes
You wanna get down with Queen La
Lace Latifah, I can see ya eyes on my body parts
The friendship's slippin' cause it ain't me you hittin'
Why you trippin'?
Wishin' you could get a taste from the black Queen
It captivates the ma** when I slide on the scene, yo
We ain't gettin' down like that
You took a hug to the next level, try to spit that
Counterfeit, nice sh** put on the act trick
Try to get a quick kiss and you got snapped quick
I tried to be nice and play it all smooth
Well I guess done has somethin' to prove
So I had to move, getaway like a fugitive
Didn't wanna do the kid cause I knew the kid
Didn't really wanna do no harm
I don't know what I did but I didn't mean to turn you on

I took you out, I was only tryin' to be nice
Let you touch it once or twice
Oh, I didn't mean to turn you on

[Verse 2:]
All the ladies in the place know how it go
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When you show a lil' kindness, cats wanna flow
Want some mo' neck sh**, some mo' s** sh**
Well, you tell 'em from the door, it's strictly friendship
Didn't mean to turn you on
Why apologize? I ain't do nothin' wrong
You knew what the deal was, what the real was
You was confused with the levels of love
I seen you in the club with your eyes on me
All night lookin' asinine, up under the strobe light
You on thin ice in steel-toed Timbs
When it break through I don't think we could be friends
If you sayin' you a playa, baby, live like one
You play yourself like a bomb, never gettin' none
And say beggin' for some and never get it
If I turned you on, I guess you gotta live with it


I didn't mean to turn you on (x8)

[Verse 3:]
So what you mad now, got a attitude now
Cause I had to pull your foul?
Frontin' big Willie style when you're a major joke
Pagin' me so much till my pager smoked
Got your Eskimo kiss and sh**
Your nose's too brown, how you get chicks to trip
Well I ain't the one, I could buy you and your whip
Hold your head cause I've got so many hits, what?

[Chorus] (3x)

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