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Andralls - Fear Is My Ally lyrics

You can´t hesitate
Not able to know
Life emergency
Forever calamity
Deathbed image
is empty on your mind
Fear leads the world
Stopping crowd´s spite

Scaring people means
Limits of time
From the inner trauma
The will to feel high
Getting along with
Advices of ghosts
Adrenaline in vein
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All my prayers were sold
Fear is my ally

(Welcome to the haunted)
Anywhere I go, a stain is in my brain
I was made to keep my mouth sewed
I learnt to forget the contesting speech
although I know the things I have to skip

Poverty domination, religion control
There´s no medicine
Please, scream for me
Day after day, panic overhead
Comma is my shelter
Future is my past

Fear is my ally

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