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Amy Pearson - Why Her lyrics

All alone, I contemplate the fragments of my heart,
Losing you, to someone else is tearing me apart,
I gave you everything while you were busy,
Wrapped in the arms of my friend. Out of all the ones you could choose......
Why her, Why her?
And out of all the ones I could lose you to
Why her?
If you wanted someone to kiss goodnight..........
Why her, Why her?
And if you needed someone to hold you tight,
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Why her? She complained I "compromised"
our friendship for your love,
You thought she had interfered
and said you'd had enough,
Fooled by your masquerade, you've both betrayed me,
Leaving me broken inside. From oceans of tranquility
Now I'm drowning from tears I've cried,
Emotion's washin' over me,
Say goodbye...............
Not only have I lost the man I love
but also the friend I could trust.

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