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Amy Pearson - Sisterhood lyrics

Sister, where've you been hiding,
Too late - no use denying,
Cos you've been looking out - after number one,
Meanwhile, friends have discovered,
You've been tempting their lovers,
It seems you're busted now, you have come undone, When you were down - Who'd come around,
Like the friend you could not be,
But that is lost, you've double-crossed,
Haven't you heard of loyalty, So much for Sisterhood,
You've disrespected blood,
I'm shocked to think you could,
Steal my man from me,
Your membership is void,
Your friendship, unemployed,
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Don't play Miss-Understood,
Get out of the Sisterhood. Sister, I've got your measure,
You'll trade, kindred for pleasure,
You're just a parasite - and s**ers finish last,
I've seen you social climbing,
Flirting, wining and dining,
Forever moving on and running from your past, Now stupid lies and alibi's,
Won't bring anything you need,
You've made your bed, so hang your head,
I hope you're happy with your greed, The damage is done
You're consigned to ancient history,
The damage is done
Turn the page and consider me, your enemy,
As friendship dies in vain, Cos we're just not the same,
Baby................. You ain't a lady.

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