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Amy Pearson - Murder lyrics

I have died a hundred times
But heaven's still so far away
I'm not in chains no more
I'm not gonna do the time
When you can just confess your guilt today

You're more scared
of the judge, the jury
You're not concerned about how you destroyed me
And left me to burn

Something inside me needs to justify
The reason I still can't smile in my eyes
There's nowhere to run, you're out of alibis
Sorry, but you're guilty of k**ing me
Murder in the first degree

I have kept it all inside
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But so many times, you bruised my soul
But now I'm strong enough to speak the truth
Time for your crimes to take their toll

I watch you step up on to the bench
And you look so afraid
Cause now you got more than me to manipulate

I still weep and think about it
Been waiting so long to accept
I can't just leave my past behind me
Cause everytime I try, I fell

And though I didn't wanna do this
I can't keep it inside
And the truth is still the truth
No matter how you try to hide

You're k**ing me

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