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Amy Noonan - I'm Just Sayin' lyrics

[Hook: Karmin (x2)]
Oh, if I want it
I'm gonna get it
And I'm just sayin'
I'm just sayin'

[Verse 1: Amy Heidemann]
Future in my hands
Gotta make it count
Convince yourself, it's feasible
And then there's nothin' else
Sick addiction
Dangerous mind
Put it on command
Error: undefined
Even when you got a shadow of doubt
Even when a hundred people tell you it's a wipeout
You gotta do it big
You gotta do it strong
At the end of the day
You're the one who's in the wrong
Regrettin' and forgettin' everything you worked for
Instead of trend settin' and bettin'
It's so upsettin', I'm sweatin now
And I can't believe it
It should be so easy, oh...
Already got a knack
Just dial it back
The window's open and the world is yours
Go attack
Cause when the wind is right and the tide is high
It's time to fly


[Hook 2 (x2)]
I know, know, know
Where to go, go, go
Oh-oh, oh
Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh

[Verse 2]
Did you ever think
I'll do what I want?
Me in the marathon, ha
One in the front
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Now you're makin' plans
Don't let them screw it up
Better write your name on it
Paper cut
Most people afraid of hearing no
Got booed off stage once, Apollo
I can do anything that I wanna do
And I'll take that cause it's not for you
Took a few years to surface
But now it's so bizurkus
And I'm ring leadin'
In this circus
I'm just sayin'
I'm just slayin' and pavin' the road
Ahead of me, bravin' the elements
And watchin' it cave in
My heart is racin' and palpitatin'
I'm so done anticipating
It's all good, yeah
Made up my mind
Threadin' the needle
It's part of our design

[Hook (x2) + Hook 2 (x2)]

[Bridge (x2)]
Oh, if I want it
I know I'm gonna get it
I'm just sayin' that's the way that it goes

[Bridge 2]
And if we look at life
I'mma tell you what
You only get one
We bein' honest, huh?
Let em tell you no
We on another plane
Approachin' destination, hit the main vein
Now we glidin', windin'
Tryin' not to crash
Cause we so high
Gotta keep grindin'
Not a limit
We drivin' the ship
We runnin' it all

[Hook (x2) + Hook 2 (x2)]

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