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Amy Millan - Old Perfume lyrics

I've been feeling sick all day
Wish I'd asked you to stay
'Cause I need a little takin' care of

Maybe you didn't know
That I didn't want you to go
But who do I say it to now, love
You're like an old perfume
That brings back memories
You're that forgotten tune I now recall

I've been wrongly turned away
You say you're meant for someone other
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Than this contented pearl
Floating at the shoreline
In waters dark and cold under
The shadow of a girl

I wish I could have said
All that was in my head
Now darlin' you will never know
That I loved you so
Can't remember how I used to feel
Can't remember how it used to be
Don't delight(?) at all by myself
I don't need or want your help

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