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Amy Lee - Anonymous lyrics

See I would get on this track and tell you I'm the best but
I can't because not only am I not the best
I'm not even a real person
So let's be honest nobody knows who the f** I am
I mean why do you think I bought that anonymous mask...
I know what I am

[Verse 1]
It's the white infernus wielding a gat but don't know how to work it
Burning persons but burned myself into the surface
Since the day I surfaced to steal culture from urbans who think I burden the verses
Hide me from the public service, pull down all my curtains
Cut my promotional circuits
Oh look at me I'm so hermit with reversed epidermis
Who finally came outside to record myself
Walking in circles around my Grandma's neighborhood home looking so lurkin'
I'm still alone
The catacomb
Mr. Unknown
I need a new hobby God forbid I get better known right?
Disowned from Daddy
Turned it into the most popular loner
That now has a f**ing fake happy persona
To be the worst rapper to ever be
Because his brains in a coma but my body is such a roamer
I'm losing it and I'm not getting any closer to
Being everyone else and saying
I'm just another everyday stoner who woke up with a boner
But nah
Thats a tale for another day
I would just rather say hey hip-hop look at me
Look at me

It's La Dee Doddy Doddy, Here comes anony
And I won't stop til' I cum in
Hip-Hop's body
When the f** will somebody spot me
Ohhh, ohhh

[Verse 2]
I'm just k**ing em as I mozy on
Destroying em even more as I move along
k** them on every song, Is it too f**ing wrong
The way I murder them with every bar,line or rhyme that comes out
My mind and makes its way on top of the page
They be to calm down
Keep a mirror near
I'm not a real person here
And I'm dead and blind in the afterlife
I hid behind a fake smile and dark humor to show how
I'm so very super nice
So they don't even have to ask me twice
When I say listen to my album because it don't cost a price
It might costs a loss of 22 IQ points to be precise
But I took a few words of advice that I'm just a waste of life
But jokes on ya'll i ain't even got a life to live
I don't got an in-stock f** to give
Isn't it weird I'm reluctant to admit that I don't give a sh**
And that I don't exist even when I rap as good as this
But it's written as omits
But since I got rejected by brits
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Threw a couple fits with a knife
And cut a slit in all my friends back handed wrist compliments
I'm on my real
I'm top notch sk**ed but I don't feel confident in the cards
I've been dealt
Galactic whip your a** with Orion's belt
You motherf**ers gon feel me like you ain't ever felt
Invisible leader
I've been bout it, bout it
Nalyd vs all The Invalids
Its like comparing snails to cheetahs
I'm the offended repeater
Oh well there ngoes Nalyd goes with another subliminal
I must be mental
Because look at all this instrumental stuffed with inuindo
They start to tremble when I come around with my pencil
To disa**emble them limb from limb it's simple
Welcome to a unlocked level to hell
Welcome to a tutorial to try to learn rap and eventually fail
And hey Dad
I know your a retard but that might explain why I spit so well


[Verse 3]
Yeah I'm a little sick
I might scribble sh** on the back of a brick
Anywhere I need the rhyme
So I can throw the punch line at you yet still remember it
I'm sickly b**h
I'm about as attractive prickly..cactuses
You meant to say cacti
Well cause I'm dumb guy
I'm that guy
I'm her dream guy that'll give your girl a black eye
Apologize with a creampie
Leave her high and dry without saying goodbye, kinda sh**
I'm the scratch that can't be itched
The simple mind that can't be switched
I'm the snitch that'll have to need a upper chest stiched
And then live in a ditch because I told on someone
Who said it's be best-fit If I jumped off a bridge (Nooooo)
I'm a pig
Look at me going ham in the fridge
I'm out of touchand or off the grid
And forbid you ever let me near the kids
I left a mark but best believe it was a skid
The attack of the disgusting black ink of a squid
When it drips onto the pad from my pen
Boring life in possession
Simple scripts of blogging depressing
I'll unload triple clips into my head to save you the question
Why is he the way he is
I just can't comprehend him
I'm guessing he doesn't want a spot in up there heaven
I'm guessing the little faggot just wanted more attention
I wanna beat some sense into him to learn the b**h a lesson
He's miserable
Acting like someone's always against him
Although the tape over his mouth is the only forgotten weapon
Now think about that for a second
Oh wait I'm anonymous you won't f** you

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