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Amber London - Texas Phonk 1998 lyrics

Shout out Lil B

[Verse 1]
I'm that real a** b**h that you talking about
Get the money, flash the gold cause I'm from down south
Never crash, never fold, keep the hash on deck
Young b**h super cool I keep the cash on set
Villains serving they be slanging got the ounce of the pine
Riding round over silver trucks bouncing around
How you n***as gonna hate on the south side state?
Only b**h out here pushing outside weight
I be all on your block I be holding that Glock
Bust a head [?] bread touching the clock
I don't f** with them cops, I don't f** with them fakes
I know some south side n***as that bust ya head for the cake
I be out in New York
Be that b**h in the A
If a n***a down for swinging then I'm pitching your way
Got the dope in the kitchen
Yeah he be working them pans
I love the way he love me down and how he working them hands
Come and f** with your girl, mane, you know that I got it
Never question your b**h n***a you know that I'm bout it
I be down for k**ing hoes yeah you know I got bodies
I got that big body [?] any hoe [?]
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Riding four Ralph Lauren but the paint still wet
Heard your n***a say he love me but we ain't still met
I be mackin, trunk crackin, screens all in the back
Got the Chevy with the rims and it's all in the black
Raider Klan when I spit they be calling it crack
Smoking purp and OG I keep it all in the sack
What is is my n***a? Don't give a damn what it do
I be coming down n***a I be jamming the Screw
Got the coke in my bra
Half a gram in my shoe
If a b**h n***a snitch then I'm slamming your crew
Some of these hoes don't know what the cannon will do
Bullets flip in the whips some might land in your coupe
In the middle of the summer Amber lancing through
In the brand new Hummer I'm enhancing the roof
n***as say they the truth but they cancel and poof
My music just like s** a lap dance in the booth
b**h I'm young and my lungs stay filled with the dro
Amber London rep the west but I'm still in the mo
On every beat that I flow I swear I'm k**ing these hoes
Raider Klan xx we consider them cold, hoe

Yeah it's that Texas Phonk for your a**
1998 we in this mothaf**er
2.7.5. H town in this motherf**er you better recognize

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