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Amber London - Smokin x Chokin lyrics

b**h, I be chillin', we smokin', chokin' and sippin' that sh** 8x

[Verse 1: Yung Simmie]
Man I be chillin, chillin with villains
I pray to my maker
I swear to god they gon' feel me
I be rolling a Philly
No hands on the wheel
Hard body, n***a, keep my hand on the steel
I sippin' the pink
f** what they think
Straight to the bank
Sippin' the dank
I'm in all black, dressed to attack
Watching my back
Swervin' the 'Lac
Smokin' that sack
Feelin' myself
Glock nine talk, protecting my wealth
I don't see nobody else
Plan on my side Imma rep
Move with aggression when I step
South side n***a when we ride it's to d**h
n***a like me tryna eat past the port
Raider Klan deep on the way to New York
Rolling up, pour it up
Hold up, gotta get it
305 fitted
I don't rap I ad-lib it
Gla** widdit I see through
Smoke like it's meadow
We be chillin'
Call up some women
It's Simmie

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[Verse 2: Amber London]
f** the cops, ho
I'm not slow
Stay heated up like a pot roast
[?] but they got ghost
That's why I keep that Glock close
Them fools wanna play me like a busta
But never do I be it
I'm a G and you can see it
We get dro and keep the weed lit
And them cop wanna stop us
Cause them choppas (?) like doctors
Make em bleed
Keep your eyes on your enemies
My n***as strapped up like Flocka
My n***as comin hard with the yoppa
f**in yo b**h and now she knocked up
Bumpin Big Poppa, poppin' the trunk
Bringing the phonk
Speakers be knockin shaking the back shaking the front
Mane you know what it be
A lot of my b**hes is stuck in the street
Don't get shoot get struck with the heat
Running and gunning don't [?]
A lot of my homies is s**as for cash
They blast they pa**in the dro you pa**in away
Black four-four put your a** in a daze
Shout out to Jade I'm tryna get paid
Might hit your face so n***a behave
If he ain't real then n***a what is he
This ain't no Drizzy the weed got me dizzy
Hot in my city
Don't say you trill if you not in my city
Riding with 50 I got it right with me
Rolling with Simmie
Won't give no dough to no hoe not a penny
Puffin a blunt and that ho never skinny

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