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Amber London - Get Respect lyrics

[Verse 1: Amber London]
Yeah b**h
We not giving a f**
Straight from the streets
Get high, get high, get high, you stupid b**h ... Yeah yeah yeah yeah....

b**h I get respect you can tell by the neck
With the all gold chain cause in the sun it reflect
I'm with my n***as gettin' high cause we not giving a f**
And if a f** n***a try then we lifting em up
Got to be fly every day cause I can't stay low
Off in these streets bringing that heat cause we get pay roll
Everywhere I go they know my mothaf**in name
But I'm screaming f** fame, just hand me them thangs
Ain't nothing changed I stay true to the game
This rap sh** soft, but who can I blame?
See all these n***as lame they the same I'm just saying
Because I keep it real and get respect where I'm staying
You n***as know
b**h I ride slow cause I ain't in no hurry
I'm bumpin' off in these streets b**h n***a I know you heard me
As I creep around the corner
Blowing marijuana
I thank god that I'm free and I can do what I wanna
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I get respect

[Verse 2: Slim Guerilla]
Now let me tell you something a little about me, b**h
I was never a lame n***a or a ho, trick
Gotta get that cash man at any f**ing mean
Black money, f** the world
Know that be the damn team
Why these n***as always wanna hate on a young n***a?
Tryna do my thang in my lane
n***a tryna get bigger
f** what a n***a say
Imma get my f**in pay
Always out there on the grind every motherf**ing day
Your b**h call my phone but I ain't got the f**ing time
Always tryna bump a n***a
Tryna f**in take his grind
n***a f** all that sh**
I gotta get mine
Gotta get the paper and you know that this is my time
Ain't playing no games
n***a f** you n***a stay in your f**ing lane
n***a always causing pain
Turning into turning lanes
[?] cause it's where I live mane

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