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Amber London - Low MF Key lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm ridin' slow off in that Cadillac
Triple black, stack money
Fake b**hes ain't gettin' jack from me
I'm Low-key but kept it true n***a
Watch out for the n***a in the blue pick
People lurkin
Im certain that muthaf**a ready to do a stick up
I keep the mutha-f**in' mac
I'mma pretty b**h that spit crack
Ain't nobody touchin' that
So keep truckin
For my n***as get to bussin
Ain't no love in these streets
Just some weed and robotussin foo

I stay... Low muthaf**in' key
You know I be...
Low muthaf**in' key
Blowin' on that OG Low-key
That b**h don't know me cus I'm Low-key [x2]

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[Verse 2]
Woodgrain with the leather seats
Windows so dark you need a flashlight to see me
We like it screwed
It be the fast life for me
Gettin' high pa**in' gra** like a G
Flyin' first cla** over seas ho
Smokin' sour diesel
Wish a muthaf**a would
Now I'm in the hood
I be rollin' with the gangstas and macs
Pretty b**hes ridin' with that thang in the back
And I aim at yo back
It's a shame they ain't think I could rap
Not makin' music wit yo punk a** ho
I let you s**as know
And I'm ridin on that strip
Gun on my hip im ready to trip
If a muthaf**a touch my grip
I'm up late and im thinkin' bout jackin'
My n***as bout that action
And they got yo b**h pistol packin'


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