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Amber London - Splak Pt. 2 lyrics


Ridin' in the splak
And you know it's black
I'm sittin' in the back
My b**h gon' hold the Mac
I can't trust a soul, Nobody knows
If a n***a try me, I'mma let the choppa go

[Verse 1: Yung Simmie]

I'mma let the choppa go, hit him at the corner sto' (Bow!)
Disappear behind the smoke, I was smokin' on that dope
I don't leave 'em no hope, my seat so low
Cruise through the streets slow, peeped out my window
See n***as on the flo', I k**ed 'em with the flow
Then I stepped out the whip, with them new Jordan Fo's
And I know you smell the loud, and my eyes so low
But I was chillin' with ya chick
While you was bein broke (2x)
I was tippin' on that fo', I was swervin' in the lanes
While I was drivin' to the sto', had to cop me a dutch
Cause I'm rollin' up that skunk, and I'm ridin' with two chicks
Totin' that semi-automatic pump


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[Verse 2: Amber London]

If a n***a try me, I got the Mac on my lap for my n***a
All types of sh** attached, get snatched
Then you gift wrapped, sit back
Smoke a white boy, not a Riff Raff
f** n***as wanna get fat, knick knack
Patty whack, leave a n***a with his whole sh** flat
Say I'm a G, well I'm just that
When I let the automatic hit his f**in' fitted cap
I don't play, no I just snap
And get to crackin' like his lip chapped
In the splak and it's black out the basement
Smokin' dank b**h, where my face went
I can't feel it; Gettin' high blowin' smoke to the ceiling
Boy know the feelin when you out and you chillin'
And you thinkin' bout nothin but the grind and you k**in'
I ain't even cryin' cause I'm tryin' to fulfill it
Yeah I'm in the building you can tell
By the smell, of the kush when I walk by
You know I caught eyes, weed out the jar
Like welcome to the dark side (Hah)
You know Amber been a G since way back
All my n***as with me and my flow stay cracked
And you know I gotta stay strapped
f**in' with Simmie well, you know I don't play that


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