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Amber London - Da Phonky South lyrics

[Verse 1: Nell]
Coming out that south from the 94
Where n***as losin' there life
So I ride low cause I caught me a dime and I'm trna get hydro
Penetration came patience make it easy to see the location
Life is embra**ing
Don't waste it, just make sure you reach the destination
Cause n***as never se things out of two eyes
They see you on top of your game
And they wanted the same
But never tried
The devil lies despise that I shot out the truth
And face forty ounces [boo?]
They cloud out the booth
And sip that four jammin', that screw
Tighten end n***as up if they lose
Just give me a quick hit to the glitch
So homie don't flitch
Imma come home with the reggies
I twist sense end to the ignorant mind of the misfits
Take more day out of time to develop your rhymes to intelligenz lines
The rebellin' the life to a tec n***a
Might have rat-tat-tat my 9mm gat go brat
If they all keep increasing tax
Imma let that big blow
Explode as bodies hit the floor
We walk in the White House
Cut all the lights out
Changing the rights and reading our rights out
Cause I just don't give a f**
Can't get buck so I'm cuffing them up
Cause the future is not and I'm bout to get payed
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So I'm radio time cause the sound is from days

[Verse 2: Amber London]
Coming down getting bank
Smoking on that good dank
Diamond against the wood
Sippin' that sh** you wish you could
Drank, try to keep up with your image
I can tell your heart is not in it
You're not authentic you just a pretender
Ain't no tellin' where you end up
Coming down 4's be pokin' out
I be totin' like that
Paint so wet looking like a b**h drove through the rain
What it do sippin' juice
I'm a fly a** b**h, n***a
Quit talking like a ho
Telling lies on your dick
Think you slick , but I'm slicker
Got my hand on that clicker
Better move quicker it's a stick-up
For your face be on pictures
They say they miss ya
But that pistol hit your a** like a missile
On my grizzle, smoking dro
I let it blow just to little
You know my flow just a riddle
That I spit off the top
And you gotta give me top before you get in my drop
Amber London going hard
I won't quit I won't stop
And it's Thug Life b**h you know I get it from 'Pac

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