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Amaya - Close to you lyrics

Don't wait for me to get inside
Your car, I'm bad with the goodbyes
1,2, I'm trying to keep my strength
My mind is numb
Your scent will linger on my lips
I'm still lost in your eyes
why can't I get used to this
you leaving, me waiting

Once I fall in love It's forever
Baby we should sail in this together
Ooooh once I love It's forever

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In the middle of the night I light up
Our favorite stars
All I'm trying is to bring you closer
high from above
In the middle of the night I can't sleep
Wonder where you are
Wherever you go I'll wait for you
No matter how far, I'm still close to you

Wait, don't go, I'm laying naked here
I feel the sunlight
Where you softly touched my face
You want me, you breathe me

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