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Amateur Transplants - All the Trimmings (part 2) lyrics

Parody of When A Child Is Born (YouTube)
A baby boy...
Pops out caked in sh**
And Mary screams:
"It feels like something split!"
The Wise men come in
And confirm she's badly torn
That's what you get
When a child is born

Parody of "Merry Christmas Everybody" (YouTube)
It was 20 years ago on channel 4
A programme for the students and the bored
The guests were all abismal
The production was absurd
But here's to the presenter of "The word"
So here he is, Terry Christian!

Parody of "Jim'll Fix It" (YouTube)
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Every Christmas, there's a family tradition, we
Clear the table and look for the dictionary
We play scrabble for an hour or two
My letters, they're always terrible
Seven letters, but nothing is spellable!
All I've got is
4 B's and a U
And U, and U
That's "bububub"
Bububub, is that a real word?

Parody of "I Want You Back" (YouTube)
I'm collecting Star Wars figurines
I've almost got them all
I've got R2D2 and
I've also got Darth Maul
For Christmas there's just one I want to get
It's not Yoda or Bobba Fett
I want Chewbacca

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