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Amateur Transplants - All the Trimmings (part 1) lyrics

Parody of Last Christmas by Wham! (YouTube)
Last Christmas
I gave you my harp
And the following June
You played me this tune

Parody of The First Noel (YouTube)

I finally received my new laptop last night
But to look at the keyboard
There's something not right
It was missing a key
On the middle row
To the right of the K
And just under the O
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No L
No L
No L
No L
That's the last time I buy a computer from dell

Parody of "Deck The Halls" Christmas song (YouTube)

Check your balls for signs of swelling
Falalalala, lalalala
It's the only way of telling
Falalalala, lalalala
Assess yourself and find the answer
Falala, lalala, la la la!
Do you have this type of cancer

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