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Amarante - Elapsed Euphoria lyrics

The sunset lured us in with its orange glare
Eyes blind, senses on fire, we threw our tired bodies into the ocean, head first

Master was gone, and we were free

Floating, the current threw our limbs together, beat the air out of our lungs
Arms tightened, tumble became embrace; light pa**ed between us

Locked in contentment, we hadn't noticed that day had quickly become night
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That the waves had begun to knock harder against us, telling us to get out
But it seemed we could float forever, that fresh air would always be just above
Ready to receive thirsty souls

Then, I felt my ankle catch on a rock; it pulled me down, and I bled into the water
Tugging and pulling, I tried to break free
But I knew it was impossible; I would have to fall

And so I did

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