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Amar Divine - Natural Disaster lyrics

[Verse 1:] [Capadonna]
Imma twist another n***a's sandwich
And get managed
Puff after puff
My star goin demand this
Reports, numbers, autographs and cameras
I'm on the scanners
Murdering the crowds with good manners
It's a lot of rap bandits
Not ready to be candidates
But let's handle this
Show them how to dismantle this b**h
When I spit
[?] gotta submit
Always on top of this sh**
Hunger it
7 days and 7 nights
You need to settle it
When I was the coach of that dump
I used to meddle yeah
Pitbulls is everywhere
Yo my kettle is thick
[?] keeping the booker for real tea
You can't race me
Gotta embrace me
I'm hood
Everytime I hear the beat
Up in everybody hood
Everybody know ol' g
I hold the microphone
Plus I got the rosary
So when we murder my enemies
n***a I'm supposed to flee
Back in this fly
Where nobody can see
Feds got to reason with the kid
Till the pyramids
Bout to return
Will come back like jesus did
Street conquerors
Young life, young sponsorers
Bout to run up in the spot
Touch down and get bonkerers

[Verse 2:][Amar Divine]
You're irrelevant
Getting sick informally
Until i'm normally
Act off and coast
And pose, you see my karma be
Vibrant, uh huh
It makes me live
When I walk up bank
And take all of your bread
Doin nuttin level
And now we got a night cover
Party like the same eyed doe is [?]
Just a second to go
Yo man you dealing with
Businessmen, enterprise, n***as that flow
We got king cash sense
We add cents
For many we the federal laws
My cash spent
Ma sober manner
Stealin in ma farm grammar
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Clone sh** to grow
Fertilize it with a banner
Watch me up worth double
I put my nut work
Rap into a huddle
Man you little tryin big n***as is big trouble
[Verse 3:][WonderWoman]
I been anointed with the holy oil
Flow the ink, lets me think clearly
Wondering minds
Fastforward not rewind
Plan to do the flashbacks
Futuristic preparations
Now I know how to react
Facing facts, not fantasy
Virtual reality
Meditate, moment of clarity
Proposing hits
Increasing my salary
Overcoming technicalities
Daddy's little girl, mama's pearl
So i'm prepared
For the ugly beasts in this world
But now I got my arsenal ready
Keeping my strong arm steady
Goal getting, trendsetting
So amazing
Persevere through the chaos
Now I'm leaving the booth blazing

[Verse 4:][Lounger Low ]
I'm back from the dead
Like Fred Kruger
Original head shooter
Get head on the bed
With the let in Aruba
I took d** that Michael had
And slept for days
Came back and told Cap
I was rappin with dad
But now I'm like f** it
I keep my cool
And if you test
Imma eat your food
Ya'll n***as don't know my streets
f** boy, I'm Staten's most pop'
You don't know my peeps
Kept it quiet for a minute
Stayed away from the beat
But I tell you one thing
I had to pay for my heat
So I lounge in the cut with shells
It ain't hard to tell
I got that ill sh**, sour smells
Car k** hooligan who used to wild out
Ow I wanna shoot again
Either or
You or him
A ferry boat (boat)
I buss one online
I'm on 17s
You on them old times
Uh huh

[Sample: As he talks he paints a picture with words and gestures]

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