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Amar Divine - C.A.P.P.A. lyrics

Yo I'm an artist
I draw pictures
Same ol' sh**
Different day
I'm not a hater
I'm a participator
Hard times and prophecy
I'm a hip hop entrepreneur
Spiritual rap in guerilla warfare
I'm a legend in the game
Concrete jungle life in the world
I dedicate this one to all them artist

[Verse 1:] [Cappadonna]
Some of ya'll say you can't understand me
Cause you don't know the science of a n***a with a [?]
Came from the slums
Now I got more funds
The more paper
The more I see the hate come
I'm out here tryna get a little break from the snakes and the jakes them
Gotta shake them
Give a lot back
Now I gotta make some
I don't trust none of ya'll
You could be a fake one
Friends are enemies
Enemies turned friends
Don't judge me
Cause we all got the same sins
I'm a hustler
You a customer
You want me to do it
Keep coming [?] in that floor
Make a honey jump to it an screw it
Nuttin to fool with it
Go to school with it
Still drive j**els with it
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Flowing on cruise with it
And i'm gonna do with it
What I gotta do with it
Till i'm through with it
Brother you can go and spread the news with it
C-a-pp-a [x3]
Check it out yea

[Verse 2:] [Amar Divine]
My n***a roughs that speedy game up
n***as wanna rock with the hot potatoes
Ain't no thing
Cause a n***a go in
Tell you motherf**ers
Yo you are not the greatest
Tell the dj stop the faders
Bring it back to the top of playlist
Every night you n***as get it right
Every n***a with a mic
Wanna spit some pages
Well nothing is safe
Straight anus
You a homo thug that got famous
Don't wanna hear your thought
You little wack report
Your lifestyle don't f**in entertain us
It's all fake n***a
Stick to the basics
Drugs, moneys, hoes, no innovation
I'm too real for your radio station
Djs might lose their jobs they try to play this

C-a-pp-a [x7]
Consider all poor people acceptable

[Sample ominous sound Gunshot]
Hook off (echoes)

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