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Amani Barnes - Tell Me Something Sweet lyrics

It was around January…
That I met this girl,
I had a crush, but no idea,
She would soon be my world…

She, at first, seemed kind of quirky,
Which was just perfect to me,
I could just be myself,
And still look cool and sweet…

We were always together,
If we weren't on the phone,
I was more comfortable with her,
Than in my own home…

“Tell me something sweet,”
She would always request,
And I would always be off guard
Unable to say my best…

This would always annoy her,
And I tried my best really,
But I couldn't just think of something sweet
Just because I was willing…

But when she was annoyed,
It caused my mind to think fast,
Because I would rather know anything,
Than to know she was sad…

She loved this sense of duty,
And I loved that she caused it,
And many other things,
But this poem couldn't hold all of it…

She told me many secrets,
And I told her some of mine,
But I kept some things hidden,
Because her love was on the line…

For example, my emotions,
I couldn't let her know I cried,
When she said that she was moving,
I found an excuse to get off the line…

I didn't answer for some days,
And for some days I wept,
But little did I know,
That at the time, it was a test…
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She wanted to know what I would say,
And I said nothing at all,
And someone close to her said something,
And in love with him she would fall…

I didn't want to be in the way,
So once again I didn't speak,
But little did I know,
That sometime after, she needed me…

It went on like this,
It cycled for about a year,
But obviously not exactly the same,
With changes there and here…

It was around January…
I was told to move on,
To find someone else,
As life had to carry on…

I tried to find another…
I thought that it would work,
But it didn't because alone,
My heart would still hurt…

Then she started to see it…
My mind seemed fair,
My actions seemed real,
But my heart was not there…

And so we split up,
And I was alone again,
At least now I felt no guilt ,
When the thoughts of you rushed in…

I never did get over you,
And this I never confessed,
Because I still wanted to see you smile,
Even if I was a wreck...

I don't mean to cause any problems,
It's just the way I feel,
You're a very dear friend to me,
And I've never felt something that was so real…

I guess I'm not really going anywhere with this,
I just needed you to know in case we never meet,
It's just that at least this one last time,
I wanted to tell you something sweet…

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