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Amani Barnes - Strange Fate lyrics

He knows exactly who she is.
He barely knows her name,
And yet he can feel her identity.
She's not his type;
Too mean, to cynical.
And yet he feels himself
Strangely drawn to her.

He barely knows her,
And yet he understands
Exactly who she is.
She has this barrier,
This wall that attempts
To shroud her true personality
Within this cloak of evil
And inconsideration.
With this barrier,
She aims to ward off
Those who would be good to her,
Those who would care for her,
Those who would love her;
And to attract
Those who would use her,
Those who would abuse her,
As her mind would prefer
That she use them in the same ways
Thus protecting her heart
From it's own intentions

For some reason,
He feels himself drawn to her.
He feels a strange sense of duty,
That he must destroy this barrier,
Break through this wall,
Uncover this shroud,
And free her heart,
To obtain everything it desires.
He feels he must fullfil those desires,
Ignore what her mind
Says she wants,
And give her what her heart
Says she needs.
He feels that he must do everything he can
To ensure this barrier never reforms

At that point…
He feels he must destroy her
He gets the sense
That he must do something
So terrible that it breaks her down
And obliterates her emotionally.
He must cause her to throw away
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Who she is,
And everything she knows.
He must do something
So horrible,
So treacherous,
That it not only hurts her,
But hurts him as well.
He will experience the aches
In her heart,
Share the tears that she sheds,
And feel the very same regret,
that they ever had the unknowing
Displeasure, of crossing each others paths.

He mustn't express this.
He cannot allow her to know
He shares her pain.
He doesn't know why,
But it must be hidden…

In the near future,
Before she gains the strength,
Before she gains the stability,
To rebuild the emotional barrier,
Someone else will come along.
This new man will be good to her
She will be afraid of him,
But too vulnerable
To resist his kindness.
He will be the epitome purity,
He will not consider attempting,
To steal the treasures of her soul
Or take advantage of her body.

The one before him
Will feel another strange sense.
He will be scarred,
That he had to be drawn to her,
That he had to demolish her spirit.
But he will feel an odd sense…
Accomplishment. Fullfillment.
In sacrificing his own affection for her
He allowed her to meet someone,
Someone who would treat her
Better than he could dream of.
Someone who would truly take care
Of this woman he loves so dearly.
Though she will never realize,
Though she could never appreciate it,
And though he will be forever lonely,
He is satisfied,
That he can forever see her beautiful smile……

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