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Amani Barnes - No Chat Diaries #Day7 (Nightfall) lyrics

It's been a week now… Some are skeptical about my disappearance, which is understandable as I myself am uncertain if this is truly reality… Have high surely fallen overboard and drifted away to this stranded island? Surely this must be some sort of elongated hallucination, or perhaps I am in a coma and this is all a big dream….

The forums are so barbaric… So many hypocritical threads, such jostled rummies… Today I ran across a thread asking users to rate the author's list of his top 10 favorite rappers… It was horrible; ALL 10 WERE FROM NEW YORK!!

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Now of course, I usually prefer East Coast rap, but I had to disapprove, if not for simple lack of variation in origin… But not only did this person select only NY rappers, he also chose some lower tier MC's in place of much more sk**ed NY rappers, which simply baffled me… But all those who confronted him on this were chastised immediately for doing that which HE asked users to do!!

Oh dear… What's happening to me?? Why can't I simply keep my cool about this and simply troll away at this person's ignorance?? Could it be that this separation from civilization has caused me to lose the ability to be civilized????

The weather was…… wonderful…………………

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